Motorola H15 Headset with CrystalTalk technology

The Motorola H15 Bluetooth headset has not only Motorola’s industry favourite noise suppression technology CrystalTalk it has a great flip microphone that allows you to just flip the microphone open and start to use the headset.

What’s so great about the flip mechanism is that you will never be left wondering if you have powered the Motorola H15 headset by mistake.

The great design and size of this headset makes it very appealing, the H15 also sports high quality wind suppression technology so perfect for those who use their phones in noisy environments. The Motorola H15 is said to give you one hour talk time with a 15 minute charge.

Source: ubergizmo


One thought on “Motorola H15 Headset with CrystalTalk technology”

  1. Terry says:

    I would think the H15 is a better H710. The H9 has no flip out mike or ear loop. The H9 is a completely different design.