Making the T-Mobile G1 more colourful with a pale brown

Now that the T-Mobile G1 has been announced is becoming clear that the colour of preference is black, there are a few white versions covered in picture form here and there, and the word is there is also a brown G1 as well.

The guys at androidcommunity managed to grab a few cool shots of the T-Mobile G1 mobile phone including a shot of the brown one.

It was hoped that the brown version would be along the lines of the brown Zune, but this isn’t the case as it is a very light brown, a faded brown that’s almost a grey. The brown G1 still has the same soft-touch casing as the black version, and we are not too sure if the QWERTY is actually a different colour either.

So which colour would you prefer, black, white or brown?

Source — androidcommunity