Haptic 2 from Samsung appears to be brick size?

The Haptic 2 mobile handset from Samsung looks to be one heavy large beast of a brick, but other than appearing to be overly large, Samsung’s latest full-screen mobile phone resembles its Korean twin the Samsung Omnia i900.

The Samsung Haptic 2 obviously is the follow up to the original Samsung Haptic, and features 4GB (SCH-W550 or SPH-W5500, about $600) or 16GB (SCH-W555, about $690) of storage, DMB television, improved 3.2 inch touch-screen, integrated mobile banking, and an updated TouchWiz UI.

Samsung has also beefed up the included widgets from the original 15 to a cool 50, and added user defined vibration tones. No word from Sammy yet on availability or price.

Source — Samsung