T-Mobile impose 3GB cap on Android G1 in the UK

Now here’s an interesting bit of news for all prospective UK Android buyers; apparently T-Mobile will be placing a 3GB cap on monthly data downloads with the G1 mobile phone when it launches in the UK come November.

At the New York launch, T-Mobile said there would be a 1GB cap in the US, and then is reduced to 50Kbits/sec, that’s roughly in line with the old time dial-up modem speeds.

T-Mob then lifted what they named the ‘1GB soft limit’ form their fair use policy, and didn’t say anything about it being replaced.

A London based T-Mobile spokesperson said about the 3GB limit: “If you exceed that you won’t be charged initially but if you continue the heavy usage you may get a charge from a T-Mobile representative suggesting that you upgrade your account.”

Source — vnunet


One thought on “T-Mobile impose 3GB cap on Android G1 in the UK”

  1. toots says:

    I think that sounds like a good compromise. This headline is misleading, clearly this isn’t as stringent as the intinial and strict 1gb cap, this will be enforced in order to prevent people who leave the device downloading large files all day, slowing up other people’s connections. Most people won’t reach this limit with normal daily browsing. However, I do feel that if devices like this are to replace the laptop, and with increased functionality of mobile computing, as 3G becomes more widespread and reliable there will be a definate need to have completely unlimited traffic.

    Let’s not forget, for now, there’s also Wifi on the device.

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