Launch window of Verizon BlackBerry Storm and Touch Diamond leaked

An anonymous source has leaked a training schedule document from the depths of Verizon Wireless’ vaults which hints at the possible launch dates of two of the most anticipates mobile phones.

The leaked Verizon training schedule documentation states that employees should complete their handset familiarisation course with Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Storm by November 2nd and with the HTC Touch Diamond by December 3rd.

Therefore it can be safely assumed that Verizon Wireless is looking to launch both smartphones in time for the seasonal rush, which would be the obvious move. I can’t see Verizon missing out on all those pre-Christmas sales can you?

Source — intomobile


One thought on “Launch window of Verizon BlackBerry Storm and Touch Diamond leaked”

  1. Nick says:

    I used to work for Verizon and unless they have changed things since I worked there, the training doesn’t have to be completed until 2 weeks to a month after the product has been released in order to let the employees get a hands on feel with the product. So really we are probably looking for an October release date!