Fight bomb threats with your mobile phone?

We are all aware of the terrorist these days, terrorism has become part of our daily lives, and no one really knows when or where the next “dirty bomb” will go off. So what is needed is a widespread way of detecting the radioactive signal given off by the so called “dirty bomb,” and that could be where the mobile phone steps in.

Technologists at Purdue University in Indiana are designing a detection system which is so tiny it could be introduced into mobile phones. The project designated Distributed Nuclear Detection by Ubiquitous Cell Phone, would in effect help locate “dirty bombs” or nuclear weapons by triangulating the source of radiation from the threat when mobile phone carrying people walk by.

Project leader, Andrew Longman, says; “The most effective system will be as inexpensive as possible, so hundreds of thousands or millions will carry sensors inside their cell phones.”

The Purdue team are currently lobbying Congress to require mobile phone users and telecoms to participate.

Source — newsweek

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