Motorola commits to Android with 350 developer team: Nokia interested?

The only serious game in the arena at the moment for mobile web developers is the Apple iPhone, however that is soon to be challenged with the arrival of Google’s Android platform, and mobile phone manufacturers are gearing up for the Android push.

And one that stands most prominent is Motorola, who is one of the original partners of the Open Handset alliance. Apparently Motorola already has 50 people on their Android team and will be expanding the team to around 350, which show a huge commitment by Motorola to Android.

The other thing is at a Google developer conference last week, Nokia and Verizon were present, now neither of these is official members of the Open handset Alliance, so this could mean that Nokia has an Android team in the making, and could even possible launch its own Android. Guess well have to wait and see.

Source — techcrunch

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