Will China Mobile offer the Google Android phone?

The latest rumour is that Chine Mobile may be offering Android based mobile phones, well that’s the word coming from industry sources in Taiwan, and the facts do suggest that this is possible in the future.

Firstly, China Mobile is the only China-based mobile operator that is a member of Google’s Open Handset Alliance. Secondly, In September 2007, China Mobile and Google, Marvell, China-based software developer Borqs International formed a technology alliance to promote a Linux-based open mobile system (OMS), integrating mobile applications specifically for the China market.

Sources indicate that Chine Mobile originally planned to offer a Google phone by the end of this year along with OMS apps developed by Borgs; however it is more than likely that Chine mobile will now postpone any launch of the Google phone until Q2 of 09.

Source — digitimes via intomobile

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