Could the Apple iPhone 3G be heading for Verizon?

One would presume that it would be some considerable time before anyone else sees the Apple iPhone on a carrier other than AT&T, but apparently, according to an insider, a deal is being struck that could possibly see an announcement that Verizon Wireless will be gaining the Apple iPhone as early as Macworld 2009.

But what about that exclusivity deal between Apple and AT&T for the Apple iPhone? Well according to 9to5mac, there are no public documents confirming the length of exclusivity, with rumoured data of two to five years, but if there is no real confirmed length who knows, maybe AT&T could lose their exclusive right tomorrow.

With job applications for EVDO and CDMA engineers on the Apple iPhone job board along with Apple bending their rules to allow the unlocking of their Apple iPhone 3G in Hong Kong, anything is possible.

Source — 9to5mac


One thought on “Could the Apple iPhone 3G be heading for Verizon?”

  1. Dustin says:

    WoW wrong poor reporting one someone’s part. How about you look at the first contract with AT&T. the one that says they have rights to the Iphone until 2010. That right this person has no idea what is going on in Apple land. Jut more Rumors