Deepfish browser on its way to Davie Jones locker

Microsoft Research projects have always been a tad difficult to follow, and Microsoft places a great deal of cash into their R&D. However Deepfish looks like a project that simply didn’t go anywhere, especially back in March of 07, and back then there were many browser initiatives especially the Apple iPhone.

“When Live Labs began working on Deepfish, we didn’t set out to create a new mobile browser. What we set out to do was to prove our theory that there was an unmet demand for a better mobile browsing experience than what was available at the time we started the project in 2006, and that a novel and simple new user experience was the best way to achieve that. The positive reception and incredible demand for the Deepfish technical preview went a long way towards proving that. And now, thanks in part to Deepfish, many better alternatives are emerging.”

What does Deepfish bring us? Not really sure, it was a proxy based solution that doesn’t really scale well to large user bases, however if you are RIM and selling a server solution it does. Anyone going to be sad to see the demise of Deepfish?

Source — smartphonethoughts