BlackBerry Bold Vs BlackBerry Storm: US launch race

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 has landed in Spain, Japan and Indonesia and many other countries, but unfortunately its hit a problem with its launch date stateside, the Bold 900 was suppose to launch on Thursday in the US but that is not looking likely. An internal memo from AT&T the smartphones exclusive carrier stated its training sessions for the BlackBerry Bold had been cancelled and that they are still unsure of the launch date.

The At&T memo stated “As you are aware, with the anticipated launch of the 3G AT&T BlackBerry Bold, RIM has committed to hold training sessions in over 40 cities. A large number of these sessions were to take place this and next week. Due to the continued uncertainty of the device launch date, we will work with RIM to reschedule these sessions to a later date,” the letter reads. “Any representatives that have registered will be informed by e-mail of the schedule change. No action is required from your part.”

Research in motion, the brains behind the BlackBerry 3G Bold have apparently delayed the US launch, and this time it’s to do with operating system and software issues. The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is expected to run the next generation of BlackBerry’s OS. We heard that the release of the Bold in the US was to be long before the release of the BlackBerry Storm, So your guess is as good as mine as to when we will actually see the Bold stateside.

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14 thoughts on “BlackBerry Bold Vs BlackBerry Storm: US launch race”

  1. Schmidty says:

    It’s because AT&T was a pain in the a$$ to work with when developing the Bold. Then, after AT&T heard about the Storm they went a step further by releasing information attacking it and saying the iPhone was much better.

    You won’t see the Bold before the Storm in the US… if at all as Blackberry is going to sandbag the Bold because of how AT&T has acted over the past 12 months in the relationship.

  2. thecapuleterotic says:

    i am so sick of this waiting bull****. how long does it take to release a fu***** phone?

  3. Morenita Chinita says:

    I too am asking; WTF?!? It’s a phone you’ve been testing for months. RELEASE it in the US already; damn…

  4. Lisa says:

    Wow, i love people who comment & they have no idea what they are talking about….

    Being as i am actually tied to at&t…. this not not any bit of at&t’s doing…..in order to sell the phone from at&t in the us, it has to under go testing….other networks such as the ones in Canada and Europe are much different.

    The release date is oct.26…..much sooner then the storm in november…& much better then the storm…yes the storm has a better camera, but other all the bold is better for your money.

    people over all need to stop bi***ing and just wait.

  5. iPhone9000 says:

    Dear AT&T

    Because of your company’s continued game playing (that’s right, we are finally going release the bold on the ….. SIKE.. fooled ya again). I went with iPhone. Pretty cool device. I wanted a Bold, but alas. Your company.. well SUCKS.

    I terminated my contract with Sprint, when your company announced that they would start offering the Bold. So I signed up for AT&T service and Yep AT&T, got me. Delay..Delay…etc. Can you see the pattern. I know that challenges pop up when trying to develope new and different technology.

    I’ll sum it up quickly, do what Apple does. Work on the program in secret and when near to releasing a WORKING ITEM, then give out a small hint that something new is coming. That’ll get peoples eyes up and looking. Then BAM, release a fully functional, fully operational working unit.

    I really wanted a Bold. It just looks so cool but, I have a iPhone in my hand and not a myth of the Bold. Did I mention that your company SUCKS.

  6. John says:

    Umm… iPhone9000 I guess the joke is on you. AT&T released the Bold as promised on November 4th.

    As to your claims (and others) that AT&T somehow screwed RIM on the Bold, AT&T wanted to make sure there were no problems using the Bold on the 3G network.

    If you bothered to check, RIM had some 3G issues with the Bold that they released earlier in other countries. Also, RIM is the one that announced the Bold this past spring, not AT&T.

    You really should get your facts correct before posting.

  7. lyn says:

    How is it at&t’s fault that you couldnt wait untill the phone actually became available to get off sprint?
    anyway, The bold is an amazing phone with pretty much everything any other blackberry has combined. If your going to be using it for business the fact that you can now edit documents makes it a perfect phone for anybody who may feel more inclined to a windows mobile 6.1.

  8. Janae says:


    Regarding your comments about “getting facts straight”, let me just share my experience with regards to that. I am one of the patient AT&T customers who took it upon myself to call RIM to find out what was going on when I couldn’t get a straight answer from AT&T about the delay in the Bold’s release date. (I was also frustrated about a few other things, like WHY AT&T sells tons of Blackberry phones like my Curve for example, yet, when I need a damn battery or a charger, I can NEVER, EVER walk into a retail AT&T store and purchase a replacement?!?!?!) But I digress . . .

    I believe your excuse was that RIM had the issues?? Well RIM said that they didn’t – in fact, everything was hunky-dory in Canada. The RIM representative told me that AT&T is the one who controls the release date of the phone (as all carriers do) . . . and didn’t say anything about testing, nor seemed to have a problem with the Canadian wireless network where the Bold had been released months ago. So if the US release date had everything to do with YOU ALL and AT&T is the exclusive carrier who’s currently riding high on the I-phone, well then, you could pretty much decide when you want to release the Bold, right? Or if it was indeed a problem with the 3G technology, it was because WE (the US) are ass-backwards with our OWN technology, not RIM, not Japan, hell not even China who is light years ahead of us when it comes to cellphone technology! So again, don’t blame your company’s inferiorities and failures to deliver on RIM!

    Customers have a right to complain, particularly when we pay as much as we do for the service!! Don’t presume that people don’t have their facts straight. If you want to speak up for your company, be willing to own up and accept responsibility for the fact that yes, your company f*cks up too at times. More often, apparently, than you all want to admit (not surprisingly) and this time looks like it was also one of those times. RIM says the ball was completely in AT&T’s court. Considering that other markets had the product and were fully operational, I’m more inclined to believe them. Don’t get mad because people are calling you all on it.

  9. John says:

    Hello Janae,

    Unlike you, I don’t need to come up with false stories or make excuses. And what makes you think I am an AT&T Employee? Where did I state I work for AT&T (when in fact I didn’t and don’t)? You seem to like to make a lot of assumptions.

    As to “walking into an AT&T Store to buy a battery or charger”, I have no idea where you are, but I have never had a problem getting supplies for my Curve. There are a number of AT&T stores (actual AT&T stores, not resellers) near me and any time I have gone into one to look for or purchase accessories they have had them.

    In regards to calling RIM – yeah right, I am quite sure you actually got to someone that actually knows anything about the release date or inner workings of any of their devices.

    Funny thing is, I actually talked, face to face, with a Blackberry channel sales representative that plainly told me there were things they were testing to make sure they did not have any of the same 3G issues Apple had with the 3G iPhone. I spoke with this person in August 2008 as well as October 2008. Funny thing, according to the above story, it claims Bold Training was canceled for AT&T employees on October 1st. Well, that simply proves that they don’t know what they were talking about.

    You might want to do a bit of searching online as the Bold did have some 3G issues in Europe. But oh, that’s right, actually dealing with facts would show the lie of your comments.

    A customer has no right to complain as you claim when a release date was NEVER GIVEN by the company. You can desire all you want. But the simple FACT is that AT&T never announced a release date for the Bold, other than the one that it was released on.

    On the other hand RIM pre-announced the Bold to try and draw some attention away from the pending iPhone 3G release and it was RIM that stated they were shooting for a “Summer” release. Not AT&T. So you complaint should be directed at RIM for announcing a time frame and getting you excited about the device.

    I am curious, have you read any of the reviews about the Storm? And how crappy of a phone it is? All the bugs and the high percentage of devices that have been returned due to failures? Oh, and that replacement devices are not expected until December 20th.

    I suspect you would have preferred that AT&T had gone ahead with a summer release to have a fiasco like the Storm release. Then you would have bitched about how crappy of a device the Bold was.

    As to your comment that if there were problems with the Bold on 3G then it is AT&T problem, not RIM’s problem. You again show what a fool you are. That is like saying GM came out with a new car that only runs on distilled water, than bitching because it doesn’t work when you put gasoline in it. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer of the device to make sure the device THEY MANUFACTURE works to the standards of the service is it designed to work with.

    It is not AT&T (or any carrier’s) responsibility to alter their network due to failings of the device. But an intelligent person would already know that.

    I guess you missed the line in the above story that reads: “Research in motion, the brains behind the BlackBerry 3G Bold have apparently delayed the US launch, and this time it’s to do with operating system and software issues.”

    Wow, the story even states the delay was due to RIM. Yet you want to continue to blame AT&T. I bet you are one of those customers that calls and bitches every month when you go over your minutes or text messages blaming the company for your actions.

    If you hate AT&T so much, why don’t you run over to Verizon and get the crappy Storm or go to T-Mobile and snap up a pink Pearl. Seems you care more about appearances than actual facts or performance.

    Hey, an even better idea, run to Metro PCS and get one of their crappy phones and deal with WAP only internet on your device.

    btw, you certainly do not speak for me when you say “We (the US)”. Please refrain from implying you speak for the entire country.

    Hey Schmidty, do you still think the “Storm” is such a hot phone? How about you switch to Verizon and get one of those broken paperweights? And yes, the iPhone blows the “storm” away.

  10. kristin says:

    Well I think the I phone sucks balls also pretty much does the storm but its still better then the I phone and do NOT dis Blackberry yeah we will kick I phones ass till the end

  11. John says:

    Hey Kristin,

    You post shows how little you know about phones. Blackberrys are great, but as with any phone it may not be the best phone for everyone.

    The iPhone is a very good phone. Like all phones the iPhone also has its limitations. However, the Storm at this point is a piece of crap. Check the blogs to see how many were returned within days of purchase.

    I suspect it was rushed out so Verizon could try and sell them for Christmas. Unfortunately it was no where near ready to be released.

    It really helps to try and be somewhat un-biased. They are just phones after all. With different features and capabilities. A lot of people are simply jealous of the iPhone and it shows in their posts. Most of the people that dump on the iPhone don’t have a clue – and probably can’t pass credit so they can’t get one.

  12. Janae says:


    First of all, I am completely unimpressed – as I’m sure most of us are – with your lengthy diatribe about nothing. Your posts, actually show that you must be overcompensating for something that you lack, besides the obvious (a brain.)

    Furthermore, I need not make up any stories to get my point across here, and no, I am not one of those customers who call and “bitch” all of the time. I’m a great customer, so you can kindly take your comments and fuck yourself right in the arse with them swiftly – as I’m sure that’s how you take it.


    And it’s Janee’ (bitch) – get the spelling right.

  13. Janey says:

    Hi I’m using an iphone at the moment (in UK by the way, not US) I’m having nothing but problems with the iphone crashing, freezing and now I have no sound unless I keep speaker on. I changed from a Pearl and am now wanting to go back to Blackberry who seem so much more professional and reliable than iphone. I’m just not sure whether to go for a Storm or a Bold. Can anyone advise me please which is best? I mostly use it for running my business but also love the music and photo side of it. Thanks 🙂