Pandora boss advises users to contact Congress over bill

Pandora and several web-based radio services have been in talks for more then a year now with music industry groups trying to work out an agreement for a workable royalty structure before the existing structure actually bankrupts webcasters.

According to Tim Westergren, CEO of Pandora, both sides have been making great progress however, it will probably still take a couple of more months to strike the deal.

The National Association of Broadcasters however has concerns over a bill being written by a Congressional group in as much as Congress attempting to “fast-track” a bill that is less than 24 hours old could have serious implications for broadcasters, webcasters, and consumers of music.

Thus, Pandora CEO, Tim Westergren has called on Pandora users to contact their Congressman, and urge for the passing of the new bill.

Source — techblog