Sagem brand quietly bows out at end of 08

At the end of 2008 we will see the disappearance of the brand name Sagem; Sagem has been around since the beginning of the mobile phone era, however, Safran, the owner of Sagem halted the mobile phone division back in July.

Back in July Sagem was taken over by Sofinnova and will therefore no longer produce Sagem branded mobile phones but will produce mobile devices for other brand names like Sony Ericsson, who Sofinnova already produce for.

As the Safran group has dumped the Sagem name, the Sagem brand will quietly disappear into the sunset, however anyone with a Sagem mobile phone will still be able to receive service and guarantee for their mobile handset.

Source — gsmhelpdesk


One thought on “Sagem brand quietly bows out at end of 08”

  1. this news is a great sadness to me, ive had myg5, mx6, myx7, all great great handsets, i was waiting for the my x9, to come out so i could get one, one of the only individual phone maker on the market, shame once more,


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