So who is the technology behind the G1 touch-screen?

The Google Android T-Mobile G1 will be hitting soon, but who makes the touch sensors behind the G1 touch-screen? The answer is Synaptics Inc.

Synaptics Inc. is a little known, but extremely influential company in the Silicone Valley that began in 1986 and for two decades Synaptics have championed the use of the finger as a navigation tool, and has developed many sensors behind laptops, digital media and the like.

Touch-screens in mobile phones were a rare occurrence that is until the Apple iPhone in 2007. Analysts who have stripped the iPhone don’t think Synaptics are behind the iPhone touch-screen but Apple and Synaptics aren’t confirming one way or the other.

Touch-screens are becoming more commonplace, and the Apple iPhone has helped Synaptics in their mission to bring the touch-screen to the mainstream mobile arena, and they can only go from strength to strength now they are behind the G1 touch-screen technology.

Source — L.A. Times

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