KDDI shows OLED and LCD 3D capable panels at CEATEC

At CEATEC Japan 08, KDDI showed off OLED and LCD panels capable of showing 3D images on a main display of a mobile phone. KDDI claim that these new panels allow a user to experience video content such as games and movies “with a greater realism.”

The OLED panel is a 3.1 inch wide VGA model that employs Clairvoyante Inc’s pixel array dubbed “PenTile.” KDDI is “planning to use the new panel on actual products shortly although the exact timeline cannot be mentioned,” according to the demonstrator.Samsung SDI Co Ltd of Korea developed the OLED panel for KDDI.

“The 3D LCD panel has 800 x 480 resolution VGA and employs the “parallax barrier method” to enable 3D representation this method, strip-shaped barriers are arranged on the surface of the LCD panel so that the image is divided into parts that are viewed with the right eye and parts viewed with the left eye.”

Source — techon