Microsoft CEO advises Apple to go with OS development

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO, at an interview conducted during a recent Churchill Club event in California, voiced his opinions on the Apple iPhone and Apple, and went further by offering Apple some friendly advice.

Apparently the advice offered to Apple by Ballmer was that if Apple were to make Apple more like Microsoft, and this would apparently give Apple a fighting chance in the smartphone arena.

Basically the Microsoft CEO feel that the future of the smartphone lays with providing a mobile phones operating system to a wide variety of hardware manufactures, and currently only Windows Mobile, Linux and Symbian are positioned to meet this need.

Source — arstechnica


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  1. LOL This guy's no Bill Gates LOL says:


    I’m sure Steve Jobs will take this Ballmer kid’s advise, because it’s obviously not a self serving comment to promote Microsoft. Lol Right.

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