10th Anniversary Nokia Vertu Signature for £24000

To mark the tenth anniversary of Nokia owned luxury brand Vertu, they have announced the new Vertu “Signature” mobile phone. This special anniversary edition Signature incorporates an especially composed piece of music performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Along with the symphonic piece there is also a ‘concierge’ button which will offer the user expert advice and assistance, and also incorporates a patented keypad that contains solid ruby bearings.

Alberto Torres, Vertu president says: “Vertu was ahead of the times. Now you can see how successful the industry has become, as more competitors are looking to enter this space.”

And the asking price for the anniversary Signature? There’s a stainless steel version for £7,540, a yellow gold version for £18,000, and a white gold version for a staggering £24,000.

Source — mobilenewscwp