AT&T Blackberry Bold 9000 Release and Price

Everyone is still waiting for the AT&T Blackberry Bold 9000 release and the price, all we know is at the moment is that the release is set for this month, when is another questions.

As far as we know already, it is still being tested and over on the AT@T website it still says “AT&T Blackberry Bold Coming Soon). We are hoping AT&T will email us on mark@phonesreview.co.uk to give us more information on the exact date and of course the real prices.

As far as the prices go we have already report back on Sept 16 that it is likely to be around $299.00, of course on AT&T contract and with a $100.00 mail in rebate, but hey who knows at this given time. If you know more than we already know, please contact us on the above email provided.