iPhone: Track your stock portfolio amid financial crisis

Why not use your iPhone to keep abreast of the affects the diminishing economy is having on your stock portfolio, why not download one of the several applications that are available at the Apple App Store.

Your iPhone includes a basic yahoo driven Stocks app, which is good enough to check all the major market index and gives you the option to add your own holdings, but it isn’t really good enough for a experienced stock broker to use or someone who is seriously into watching the markets, for example it will show percentages or dollars but not both.

There are several more powerful applications, one being Bloomberg Mobile 1.1, this iPhone app offers company description, market trend analysis, stock quotes, news and allows you to pick up where stocks left off. You can download this through iTunes.

If your looking for a better free portfolio app, then you can try CNBC mobile web site (mobile.cnbc.com) this site will allow top news stories and market quotes to be displayed in your iPhone. Although the app that really jumps out at us is Ticker Picker this focuses on the technical aspects of the stock trading that takes stock analysis to new levels, it takes a stock and breaks it into four charts showing RSI, volume, moving average and price, this will set you back US$7.99 but you could end up making a fortune on the stock market.

What iPhone app do you use to track your stock portfolio?

Source: blogs.zdnet

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