Nokia Siemens: Network Board of Director change

We have been emailed the lasted director changes over at Nokia Siemens, so we have posted it below for you to have a good look to.


A change in the Nokia Siemens Networks Board of Directors: Siemens Manager Siegfried Russwurm replaces Eduardo Montes

Espoo, Finland – Eduardo Montes, 57, former Member of the Siemens Managing Board has resigned from the Board of Directors of Nokia Siemens Networks B.V., effective as of October 6, 2008. He will be replaced by Siegfried Russwurm, 45, Member of the Siemens Managing Board and Head of Corporate Human Resources, effective as of today. Within the Siemens Managing Board, Russwurm has special responsibility for Europe, CIS and Africa and is therefore the expert for Nokia Siemens Network’s key regions.

After the change the Board of Nokia Siemens Networks will consist of the following seven members: Nokia President and CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo (Chairman of the Nokia Siemens Networks Board); Siemens President and CEO, Peter Löscher; the Head of Nokia Operational Human Resources, Juha Äkräs; Siemens CFO, Joe Kaeser; Member of the Siemens Managing Board and Head of Corporate HR, Siegfried Russwurm; Executive Vice President, Services & Software, Nokia, Niklas Savander; and Nokia CFO, Rick Simonson.

We will always keep you up-to-date with director changes within the phone industry as and when we recieve the press releases.


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