T-Mobile G1 release: Google stocks set to rise

T-Mobile USA is set to sell half a million of the Google G1 smartphones according to CENS website, the G1 is built by phone Taiwan’s manufacturing giant HTC. Although this predicted sales forecast isn’t up to scratch with Apples iPhone 3G sales, it’s not bad for starters.

The release of the T-Mobile G1 phone is set for October 22 exclusively on T-Mobile USA, the smartphone will set you back $179 and with that you have to sign a two year contract. However given that T-Mobile have just over two months to sell the 500,000 G1 mobiles we wonder if they are being optimistic?

Quick glance at Google stock price (NASDAQ:GOOG) at close on October 6, down 15.70 points or 4.06 percent at 371.21.

Source: bstocksdev

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