Presidential Election Poll, McCain, Obama, Palin, Biden: Yahoo Mobile!

Why not keep up-to-date with the latest Presidential debate news or get the latest scoop on what Sarah Palin may have goofed up the last time she was asked a question, with so many alternative media’s available be sure to keep up with the Presidential Election on-line or via your mobile.

You can play electoral games on your mobile and someone has actually set up an on-line electoral drinking game. You name it a tech somewhere has done it or in the process of doing it. Well just say the words McCain and Twitter in the same sentence and you will get my drift.

Yahoo is topped to win the race of “who can have the biggest audience when it comes to on-line election-related news” Yahoo currently receives over 40 million readers a month and is encouraging people to use mobile internet offering areas like a Political dashboard, electoral polls and a mountain of other election related areas.

If all you want is the latest results on the Presidential Election, then you can go via Yahoo on your mobile search say “McCain” or Obama” and you can shortcut straight to the poll results via Yahoo Mobile.

Source: Product Reviews

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