Touchscreen Battle: Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Storm or HTC G1

Now when it comes to touchscreens on mobile smartphones only three come to mind, and they are the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Storm and of course the HTC G1 Android phone.

Touchscreens are the future and in the users hands it is all about the way it feels, responds, interactive feel and of course if the User Interface (UI) is up to standards. Personally in our eyes after reading so much about these three phones to us the Apple iPhone is the device to beat, no one knows at the moment how good the BlackBerry Storm 9500 is because it is not out yet nor is the HTC G1, yes some people have tested it but the real test will come to those who count the most, yes you got it “The Buyer”.

We already know how responsive the Apple iPhone 3G is because we have one, it is very good indeed. Ok the iPhone had flaws when we updated our software but all seems to running smoothly now and no major problems, personally and only what we believe is that the BlackBerry Storm can be a real winner here and yes we would like one right now so we can give a full hands-on review (Hint-Hint to those who will give us one for review).

BlackBerry has opened the doors to new things and getting rid of the traditional keyboard for the touchscreen is a move they should have done years ago, we can see the battle being really hot indeed. As far as the HTC G1 Google phone goes, we have heard that the touchscreen is not that brilliant and in that we mean many who have tested it still say the iPhone is way better. The G1 has a 3.2-inch touchscreen; the BlackBerry Storm 9500 has a 3.26 -inch touchscreen whereas the Apple iPhone 3G has a 3.5 touchscreen.

We here at Phones Review cannot really judge on this touchscreen matter because we have only used the iPhone’s touchscreen, but trust us when we say “We will be testing both the Storm and the G1” as soon as we get our hands on them.

What phone mentioned above has the best touchscreen and who will be the clear winner in the “Touchscreen Battle”?


One thought on “Touchscreen Battle: Apple iPhone, BlackBerry Storm or HTC G1”

  1. shadowbu says:

    who ever wrote this seems to be out of touch with touchscreen smart phones. I have had a full touch screen smart phone the SE P800 since probably 2001 and recently upgraded to the SE P1 which so far appears to be a great phone. The phone do not have HSPDA but the WLAN will do for now. Please don’t be a bias reporter.

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