Verizon Samsung Glyde: Disappoints with unresponsive touch-screen

There has been a rush on touch-screen handsets since the Apple iPhone came out, most manufactures are moving to touch-screens, but there are a few that stand out about the rest, and the Samsung Glyde is one such touch-screen handset.

The Samsung Glyde is a sleek and compact design with high end capabilities which include s full slide out keyboard, and finger sensitive touch-screen technology although somewhat fickle.

Browser wise, the Samsung Glyde allows the user to view web pages in their native format rather than the optimised for mobile version. The full page won’t fit though but the flinger slide allows you to manoeuvre the page from side to side.

Good points: Touch-screen scrolls at finger touch, full keyboard, and sleek design.

Bad points: occasionally freezes like an under performing computer, and unresponsive touch-screen.

Source — businessweek