Apple iPhone Vs HTC Google G1 Vs BlackBerry Bold Vs Storm

Now here is a line up for the book, the iPhone 3G is already out so we all know how that works, then we have the Google G1 Android phone, the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and last but not least, the BlackBerry Storm 9500 which are out pretty soon.

Now the question is out of these four phones what one will be the best? Below you can see all the featured specs for each smartphone, I already have the Apple iPhone 3G and love the device to bits, but I really love the thought of having the BlackBerry Storm. We want your comments.

Apple iPhone 3G Featured Specs:

– Apple iPhone 3G Featured Specs:
– 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
– 3G Network HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
– Same 3.5 inch Touchscreen (16M colors/320 x 480 pixels)
– Multi-touch input method
– Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
– Proximity sensor for auto turn-off
– Ambient light sensor
– Polyphonic & MP3 Ringtones
– Vibration
– Flush 3.5 mm headset jack
– Photocall and near enough unlimited phonebook entries and fields
– Call records (100 received, dialed and missed calls)
– 8 or 16GB built in memory versions
– WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
– Bluetooth v2.0 headset support only
– USB v2.0
– Mac OS X v10.4.10
– Email & SMS Messaging – Safari HTML Browser
– Downloadable games and applications
– 2 megapixel camera
– Built-in GPS receiver
– A-GPS function
– Google Maps
– iPod audio/video player
– PIM including calendar, to-do list
– TV output
– Photo browser/editor
– Voice memo
– Integrated handsfree
– Up to 300 hours standby time
– Up to 10 hours talk time
– 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm
– 133 grams

T-Mobile HTC G1 Featured Specs:

– 2G Network – GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
– 3G Network – HSDPA 2100
– American Model – HSDPA 2100 / 1700
– 3.2-inch TFT touchscreen display – 65K colors/320 x 480 pixels
– Handwriting recognition
– Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
– Full QWERTY keyboard and Trackball
– Vibration
– MP3, WAV, WMA and Polyphonic (40 channels) Ringtones
– Near enough unlimited entries and fields and photocall
– Near enough unlimited phonebook
– microSD (TransFlash) Card slot
– 192 MB RAM
– 256 MB ROM
– Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 Mhz processor
– EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
– GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
– WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
– Bluetooth v2.0 (Only has headset support only)
– 3G HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps
– No 3.5mm jackplug
– miniUSB
– Google Android OS
– HTML Browser
– MMS, Email, SMS, Instant Messaging
– 3.2 MP Camera 2048×1536 pixels, autofocus
– Java MIDP 2.0
– MP3 player
– Voice memo
– GPS receiver
– Document viewer
– Digital compass
– Handsfree
– Up to 406 hours standby time
– Up to 5 hours 20 minutes talktime
– 117 x 55.7 x 17.1mm
– 158 grams

BlackBerry Bold 9000 Featured Specs:

– 2G Network – GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
– 3G Network – HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
– Wireless email
– Organizer
– Browser
– Phone
– Camera (2.0 MP) – video, flash
– Video Recording
– BlackBerry® Maps
– Media Player
– Built-in GPS
– Wi-Fi® Support
– Corporate data access
– 3.5mm stereo headset capable
– Video format support: DivX 4, DivX 5/6 partially supported, XviD partially supported, H.263, H.264, WMV3
– Audio format support: .3gp, MP3, WMA9 (.wma/.asf), WMA9 Pro/WMA 10, MIDI, AMR-NB, Professional AAC/AAC+/eAAC+
– Trackball navigation
– Full QWERTY keyboard
– 65K colors – 480 x 320 pixels display
– MP3 & Polyphonic Ringtones
– Vibration
– microSD (TransFlash), microSDHC, up to 8 GB
– 128 MB flash memory plus 1 GB storage memory
– 624 MHz processor
– GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
– EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
– Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP
– USB v2.0
– WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g
– 3G HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps
– SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging
– BlackBerry OS
– HTML Browser
– Games
– BlackBerry maps
– Up to 310 hours standby time
– Up to 5 hours talk time
– 114 x 66 x 14 mm
– 133 grams

BlackBerry Storm Featured Specs:

– 2G Network – GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
– 3G Network, HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
– 3.25-Inch TFT touchscreen – 65K colors/360 x 480 pixels
– Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
– MP3 & Polyphonic Ringtones
– Vibration
– 3.5 mm stereo headset jack
– 624 MHz CPU
– 128 MB RAM
– 1 GB memory plus microSDHC, microSD (TransFlash) up to 8 GB
– EDGE Class 10, 236.8 kbps
– GPRS Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
– Bluetooth v2.0
– USB v2.0
– WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g
– BlackBerry Operating System
– Instant Messaging, MMS, Email & SMS
– HTML Browser
– 3.2 MP Camera 2048×1536 pixels, flash, video and autofocus
– MP3,WMA,AAC+ Media player
– DivX, WMV, XviD, 3gp Video player
– BlackBerry maps
– A-GPS function
– DataViz document viewer — editor
– Built-in GPS
– Calculator, Voice dial, Voice memo, Built-in handsfree, Organizer
– Java
– 112.5 x 62.2 x 13.9 mm

What smartphone would you prefer?


28 thoughts on “Apple iPhone Vs HTC Google G1 Vs BlackBerry Bold Vs Storm”

  1. zoe says:

    I am getting the iphone 16gb today, I prefer it because it has great specs and I think it looks better than the others! I think the google phone looks a little top heavy and weird.

  2. iphone blogs says:

    The iPhone is still the best. Although, it would be absolutely great if they could add zoom and flash on their camera and be able to send picture messages and maybe add a faster processor then it would be perfect 😛

  3. thomas says:

    The iphone really kicked these phone companies into shape didn’t it, now they’re all struggling to catchup like they did with MP3 players, the Blackberry looks terribly sad as a pretty much copy of the iphone, but the Google phone shows great potential with the open source/linux base

  4. valod says:

    if u can do this if u can do that…. there is no ifs u dumbos. the iphone is useless. better off getting an itouch much slimer. no cam but the cam suck anyway with no flash no cut copy paste. it just looks nice but nice doesnt matter. my dick looks nice but it doesnt get sucked enough.. store is the best the G1 is better then the iphone. iphone is for girls u dumb crackers. the storm touch screen is more advanced and the g1 os is more advanced. the Iphone is old news now and the att customer support sucks

  5. com says:

    valod has the right idea, iphone does have a good build but other than it is merely just a toy, there are phones with greater features, they are just unknown to the mainstream phone users since they are not release under att, tmo, etc. high end phones made by se, nokia, htc have far more capabilities

  6. zo says:

    blackberry bold all the way mofos!! =)
    i was and am a BB curve user, but stood in line for hours for my iphone 3g.. which YES, rocks, but its just a rocking toy. i ended up selling my iphone so i could go back to the more fucntional blackberry. the storm looks cool, but lacks the fucntionality that blackberry has always offered with the qwerty and such.. the BLACKBERRY BOLD finally offers the best of all worlds. it has what i loved about the iphone.. 1) blazing fast 3G speed, 2)WIFI capability!!! and with those two on a full qwerty.. you can do anything!! everything else, all the phones above have similar impressive maps, and contacts..

    yay for bold!

  7. omer says:

    huh?. g1 is da best. i already used ishit and blodass
    both are crap.
    cant say anything about storm but g1 is the best

  8. Dolphinski says:

    I don’t know why i get the feeling that the average age of posters here is 15….

    I’m of the firm belief that there is still no one device to satisfy the needs of the masses. I see a LOT of commuters nowadays that use both iphones and BBs (myself included). Bottom line is that BBs are still far superior in an enterprise environment and iPhones are just a hundred times more fun to use. I’m holding judgement on the G1 until i’ve used one but i honestly think they’re going to need a little more time before they’re a viable alternative tbh.

  9. cellguy says:

    guys i have both G1 and blackberry with me. i used iphone few days and sold it. it doesnt have stereo bluetooth support so i cant play music in my car through bluetooth. sad a music phone without stereo support.. blackberry has it.. and is the best

  10. G1 man says:

    I have the G1 phone, and I love it. Not only does it have the latest app’s, but one thing it seems like everyone did not hit on is the type of plan you can get. T-mobile has the best plan with the fav 5 you CAN’T beat that. With all the fancy phone talk from Verizon and At&t what plans do they have. I do alot of talking, and roll over will never work for me. Verizon does not have any special deals so thats a no. So to rap it all up I have a fancy phone with a great plan.

  11. Mari says:

    Blackberry Storm & Iphone are both missing one thing. Android 🙂 get with it, get lost. G1 all day.

  12. chris says:

    problem with the storm, verizon.
    they stripped the phone.
    no wifi…. when it comes out for other services
    it will be a much better phone,
    but in 6 months we know there will be a better iphone.

  13. Big Nonso says:

    There is a cool application on the android market (its free) called SHAZZAM. Its about the coolest application i have ever come across. If u cant remember the name of a song thats playing. just activate Shazam.. it listens to the song for 30 seconds and tells you who sang it, name of the album, where to buy it, the video link on you tube etc.. its really sick.

  14. valod says:

    thomas your an idiot and u should die because the blackberry is a way better PHONE then iphone. iphone i just a fun toy to play with.

  15. dbagpiper says:

    Alas… I have had 3 of the 4; here is my opinion:
    iPhone: Lotta fun, great apps, super easy to use, no MMS, no tethering, stuck with ATT as provider, terribly poor calling plans, 10MB per upload /download limit, ATT+iPhone=constantly dropped calls… kinda negates the point of a cell phone.
    BB Storm: Very powerful, Verizon has great coverage and descent plans. The phone itself is garbage. Constantly reboots itself, drops calls, cannot hear the other person, few resources and apps., verizon music and video stores suck, etc. etc.. Worst of all, typing on it is a nightmare.
    G1: T-Mobile has good calling plans, MMS, SMS, tethering, QWERTY + touch + trackball, can use any SIM (handy when in other countries), open source (endless potential and flexibility), apps store where at least half the apps or more are free, very reliable service and crystal clear reception. Major downfall is that the battery doesn’t last as long as the iPhone (nor does the BB Storm) and it has mechanical/moving parts (which tend to break). Media players aren’t as intuitive or flexible as they should be, but w/ open source; thats just a matter of time.
    I’m sticking with the G1.

  16. dbagpiper says:

    Oh yeah, 4 what its worth: On the iPhone: you have to use iTunes for transferring data and such. Apple is very out of touch with their customer’s needs in this respect. No flexibility, massive limitations and backup options (easy to loose all data). If they opened the file transfering to drag and drop, made one-click backup of the phone, unlocked the tunes you purchase from iTunes (so I don’t HAVE to have an iPhone to listen to my PURCHASED music), allowed Verizon or Tmobile as a carrier, allowed MMS and tethering & offered a temp replacement phone while yours is being serviced for a broken screen or something; I would be a dedicated iPhone user. The standard Blackberry Bold still a consideration if the G1 didn’t work out, the Storm… what a brick. Still like the G1.

  17. Bold Jay says:

    I have the Bold now and I must say it is an excellent smartphone…I also have the G1 and it’s similar to the Bold in a lot of ways. I’ve had the Storm and the iphone 3G….the Storm is crap…a let down for the blackberry world…..the iPhone is cool to play with, but it’s really just an ipod with crappy phone features…I would say go for the Bold or the G1.

  18. Meg says:

    after my 5th refurbished exchange of my G1, I’ve had enough and am leaving t-mobile to get the bb storm on verizoin. i’d love an i-phone but at&t’s service is garbage, at least where I live. bottom line is, if you get a G1 proceed with caution.. for me its been nothing but wasted time & money and a hassle I don’t need. I paid for a working phone, and since t-mobile won’t make that right they’ve offered to let me out of my contract waiving the ETA. at least that’s what they said.. we’ll see what they do. I hate t-mobile. stay far, far away. if i’d had these problems with a verizon phone, i’d walk into any store and walk out with a NEW, not refurbished, phone for the same amount I am paying monthly for insurance on my G1 which only covers screen or water damage for $150 deductible. what’s the point in that? its how I got suckered into the G1, my SKLX screen spotaneously cracked from the inside, and i’d had 4 refurbs on that also, so I caved & renewed for a G1 at a “customer saves” cost. now I regret everyday ever taking that deal. they even had the audacity to offer me a new G1.. with another 2 year contract & a $99 “discounted” handset replacement cost. wow. I hope I can get out of my contract and back to verizon where I belong! bb storm here I come!

  19. PussyFace says:

    I left Sprint (had them for 8 years) for TMO because I wanted this phone so bad. I am happy with the phone for the most part, only real complaint is the battery life and no divX support. This phone spends most of its time charging, luckily I can hook the cord up to anything that provides USB power and charge it just about anywhere. That said you can customize the hell out of yur phone, provided you root it and install 3rd party software. The service however SUCKS. I stayed with Sprint because I rarely had issues with their network, but TMO? horrible and hideous. And paying ~$95 a month (after a Universal discount) is too much $$$. As far as Meg and her 5 phones, well WTF are you doing with the damn things? You obviously are doing it WRONG. Learn to take care of your things and they will last.

  20. u dont need to know my name says:

    ive had the g1 and the iphone and my sister has the blackberry storm, and for the g1,

    the graphic quality sucks, but has way more free apps, and its easier to put music onto, calling is fine. touch.. best part is that it has a normal keyboard as well as a touchscreen one..

    the iphone, i sold, because of itunes. i hate that shit. makes it so much harder to dowload music from a friend who doesnt have itunes. call qaulity is ok and touchscreen is good as well. other major problem is that it doesnt havve a normal keboard.. just touch.. iz so much easier on the g1

    the thing i like most about the storm is the touchscreen. it is fantastic.. completely different from the other too. from what my sister says, the call quality and connection is shitty. u get no connection in a basement or a large house.

    all these phones are great.. choose the one thats rite for you. i would recomend the g1 or an ipod touch instead of an iphone

  21. dale says:

    I have a G1 and love it, I’m actually using it rite now to type this message. No problems so far except battery life.
    For Meg… verizon plans are very expensive (last carrier I had) and if your phone breaks they will give you a refurbished phone like every other carrier.
    I’ve had a BB (BB8900) and loved it especially the push email. The problems I switched to a G1 because the BB keeps on rebooting and would lag time to time. The BB app world is not so great either when you have to pay for most apps unlike G1 most apps are free.
    For iphone, I bought my mother in law one and she is always frustrated wit it (she wanted it tho). I don’t like there email setup and use and no physical keyboard. Its just a good gadget so you don’t need to carry a phone and ipod seperately.
    So for business use go wit BB aslong as you shut off/reset it twice a day so it doesn’t constantly reboot.
    Iphone if you love itunes and want a gaming phone.
    To me the G1 is best of both worlds….touch screen with a physical keyboard, tons of free apps and fully customizable from cases to setup of phone menus.

  22. Luke says:

    OK, I have the storm and I think its junk. I do not recomend it to anyone. Its slugish, full of bugs and I ritually pull the battery out daily to reboot it. Even all the software for clearing the memory leaks don’t work well. Its quirky, hard to use and slow.

    I played with the iphone and its really an amazing piece of equipment… I have the option to get the droid for free in exchange for complaining over the Blackberry and I’m thinking of doing that. Anyone have any comments wheather this is a good decision. Otherwise It will make sense to pay the cancellation fee and go to the iphone.

  23. Meong says:

    Oh come on. Is iPhone bad? iPhone have the more secure os than the others.
    Blackberry or G1 May have a virus, rite?
    iTunes or App Store, you could only download files there. Its more secure than you could download anywhere.
    If there's a virus on one application, once it's closed the virus stopped.
    Same thing on G1 or Storm?
    You couldn't even download from anything except apple. Its secure. But G1 or Blackberry? You can still download from untrusted source right?
    Hmm. 3G is quite a fail product (why should 3g in this page), but 3GS was better with Video, Compass, etc.
    And don't forgot for graphic, try opening big videos (ex. 1GB in 1 Hour) and see the quality of iPhone.
    With 16m Colour, better than another one with 256k or even 65k.
    iPhone is also easy to use than HTC or Storm.
    Mac OS vs Google OS vs Blackberry OS
    Hmm. as i know, Mac (OS) is still well known than Google OS or Blackberry OS.
    See, Mac have good computer OS.
    Does google have good ones?
    Does blackberry OS?
    Oh yeah, i read the cons of iPhone. Maybe yes, it is the cons of iPhone. But anyways i told the pros too, rite?
    So i think,… no conflicts please… just wait for the ultra slim iPhone Ultra 4G and let's see whether its good or bad.