Will Google stay focused on its T-Mobile G1 android phone?

The Google G1 phone is something of a anti-climax we were all hyped up and then it seems to have just disappeared from the headlines maybe with the BlackBerry Storm and Nokia 5800 completely strolling in and taking all the limelight from the G1 has something to do with it, but it does beg the question, will the Google phone actually get anywhere?

Wondering if the Google Android will be able to fight its corner in a very competitive smartphone market we decided to take look at what challenges Google and the android platform will need to overcome.

Lets take a look at its competitors, RIM, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Symbian straight away you should be able to put “Google or Android” next to this bunch and you can see its way down the list of operating systems for smartphones.

Symbian is produced by a group of the largest cell phone manufacturers in the world including Nokia and Ericsson and with the news that Symbian will become open-source added to the fact that a group called LiMo Foundation is developing a Linux-based operating system for cell phones, this making Android one of three open-source options.

We know that Google and the company has become part of our everyday lives we “Google it” all the time but look how many initiatives it’s been churning out in every direction, it seems like they will try anything but then not follow through, look at Open Social the Google rival for facebook, exactly, never heard of it!

So these are very skeptical views of Google and the T-Mobile G1, but we do have to be real Google have done remarkably well, Google (GOOG) is the leader in paid search and takes a 73.5 percent of the $10.4 billion that advertisers will spend on searches in the US this year according to eMarketer.
Share prices n Google (GOOG) closed trade at 328.98 on October 9.

Source: Mercurynews

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