Discussion Corner: I need help with my Apple iPhone 3G?

We want to have a little place where you can simply come and ask your Apple iPhone 3G questions. First of all if you come to this page please bookmark it and keep coming back.

In time we here at Phones Review will have a totally new category called “Mobile Phone Discussions”, but in the meantime please post your questions you have about your iPhone 3G, we are sure many other readers will answer them.

Whatever the question about your iPhone no matter what it is about; just post it in the comments area below. To get the ball rolling we found via the Apple discussion page someone saying

My iPhone 3g seems to be working properly, games, internet, etc are all fine. But the screen turns black when I push the phone button. I have a black screen and cannot make a call. I can receive a call and answer it, but as soon as I do, the screen goes black and I have to guess where the hang up button is and push the phantom button to hang up. I can make a call I guess by going to my recent calls list which I cannot see, which I discovered when I was touching the screen and called someone by accident. I have the latest version of the phone software. Thank you!

Get those questions coming in, and answer some of the questions as well please if you can. (Just scroll down a little to the comments area).


15 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: I need help with my Apple iPhone 3G?”

  1. Max says:

    I am not an expert, but to me it sounds like the person’s proximity sensor, that thing inside that is wired to shut the screen off when you hold it to your head is malfunctioning. I would recommend to go into an Apple Store to get a replacement.

  2. Steve says:

    My IPhone 3G has the same problem with the black screen reported in your example. The black acreen also occurs when I add a new contact if both save functions are not executed.
    This is not ATT it is apple.

  3. Susan Wilson says:

    Is there any solution to difficulty getting a car system to pick up a call made from the iphone. I have to either wait for the connection and say transfer or hold the phone and try to press handsfree. Frequently the bluetooth just doesn”t make the transfer. I have not had this problem with any other phone. Seems like a lawsuit in the making. Is APPLE working on this????

  4. Susan Wilson says:

    One other major problem for not only business users but ALL OF US who make appointments is that you cannot SEARCH the calendar to find an entry. It’s ridiculous that APPLE didn’t include this…it’s BASIC. Please tell me they ARE working on a solution I won’t have to BUY.

  5. George says:

    I too had the same problem…
    I agree it’s an Apple problem.

    By any chance have you taken the case off and ate still having the problem? I had an iPhone case but not a 3g case and it caused the sensors to act the same way. Once I took the case off the phone worked perfectly…of course I am still unhappy that the battery doesn’t hold up as well as I think it should.

  6. 073-216-8167 says:

    Hi, I also have an occaisional problem with my iPhone and it is quickly fixed by “restore” but I was not sure if using that facility too often can damage the phone.
    I am also unhappy with the battery life but love the phone.

  7. Iansky says:

    Well I am lucky (I hope), my phone is perfect and a superb tool that I use to sync music from home PC and Calndar from work PC.

    I am frsutrated about 2 things:

    1. You cannot set an alarm and turn the phone off and hope it will turn on and set the alarm off like most other phones – it will not!

    2. It will not automatically connect to my car bluetooth even though it is set to do so, I have to re-establish a connection each time – and, you cannot voice dial or voice answer!

  8. avi says:

    i would like to download pics.from my laptop to my 3g but not through apple.
    How is it down,please help

  9. pramod says:

    i am puerches apple 3g iphone in USA AT&T stoers with 2 years contract can i use these mobaile in india

  10. Mark says:

    I have just started a website that provides unlocking services and support for iphone users (whether they unlock ther phone or not.)

    I can answer any and all questions from my memebers and joining is only £17.99.

    The problem with this phone is likly not a Phone problem. Try a FULL restore through itunes and you should find that this doesnt occur again.

    If the problem continues it IS a phone defect and likly a problem with the proximity sensor. This is an apple warrnty job.

    the only other reason for this happening is actually if the iphone has been unlocked by a dodgy software like ziphone. this causees big problem and can be impossible to fix, howver by downgrading then re-updating this will rewrite any nessaserry code.

    Visit my website if you have any problem big or small, Always happy to help

  11. etude says:


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  12. neil says:

    hi there
    could anyone tell me if you can put your own ringtone on the iphone if so can you let me know how please

  13. Ramesh Mehta says:

    I have I phone 3G 16GB unlock & jail broken with os 3.0.1 when phone is on rest the main screen automatically on & off and 2nd problem is speaker not working. Approch apple store they said software problem. yesterday I removed os 3.0.1 and instolled 4.0.1 (8A306) problem remains same.
    Can any one diagonise problems & solution.