Nokia Email Beta: Ovi Share gets Map View

All those who have Nokia devices will be happy to know that there is a pretty new beta version of Nokia Email, it is now available.

Looking on the Nokia Beta Lab blog site it says that this new version of the application is basically localized with added support for such international characters, it will allow users to get their emails from up to a cool 6 email addresses, and the good thing is you get them each in its own mailbox, but still all in the same place.

Just so you know many mobile phones are now supported including any S60 3.2 devices like the N78 and N96. Not too sure what this new version will do for you but we do know that it will improve the mailbox management. Ovi Share has added the awesome Map View which will let you see your photos from where they were taken; this is cool to say the least.

Source – AllAboutSymbian