Phones Review New Shopping Section: Simplicity

We here at Phones Review wish to let you know that we have started a brand new shopping area for you, it is pretty simple no in-depth descriptions, just plain and simple where you have a little read then go to the stores that have the product available.

You will see on each product page under the product summary sections called, Related Products, Products In This Category, More (what ever the brand is) Products, so if it is a Belkin product it would say More Belkin Products, plus we have Latest In Shopping.

We thought we would start this section as many of you have asked for it, we normally cover news and new products etc on our main section www.phonesreview.co.uk but never really went into shopping side of things, so we thought ok what the hell let’s do it. We have tried to keep it plain and simple so it is easy to follow. The easiest way to find products is to do a search on the shopping section, just type in what you like and then press enter and away you go, or you can simply scroll the pages and look at everything. You can visit the main Shopping Section or simply click one of the categories below.

Here are the categories we have for you:
Mobile Phones
Bluetooth GPS
Bluetooth Headsets
Corded Phones
Cordless Phones
Fax Machines
Flash Memory
Hands Free Kits
Mobile Phone Chargers
Phone Batteries
Phone Cases
Portable Radios
VOIP Phones
Other Mobile Phone Accessories

Please do let us know what you think, we want to know if you like the new section.

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