Apple Inc. apparently owns the ‘Apple’ fruit name

It does seem that Apple Inc. are forever in court over one thing or another, back in 2007 The Beatles’ company sued the computer giant after a succession of lawsuits and won the case although no information was announced as to the details of the lawsuit although Paul McCartney and the other Beatles musicians seemed happy with the outcome and Apple Inc. apparently owns the fruits name so also seemed happy with the result.

It seems crazy that a company can own the fruits name but when Apple Inc.’s (formally Apple Computers Inc.) founders adopted Apple as its corporate name and with the Beatles back in 1968 using the Apple brand for its ultra cool music label it’s no wonder the Beatles took the smartphone giant to court when they adopted the same brand.

Apple Inc. are now in a dispute with a computer School who has used an Apple for its logo, The Victoria School of Business and Technology is in no way in a position to fight against the iPhone manufacturer like the Beatles brand could, even when looking at the school’s logo with its apple having three bumps on the top whilst Apple Inc. has two, also the schools apple incorporates a mountain in its design and is a completely different colour but Apple Inc. are still not happy.

The College has been urged to change to another fruit as soon as possible before the Computer giant Apple Inc. swoops down and takes a bite out of them as the Beatles did to Apple in 2007.

Source: globeandmail

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