Apple What Next? Bye iPhone 3G, Hello T-Mobile G1 Phone

Now we all need to know what can Apple do to respond in the fight-back to win back more customers, we can see that Apple is about to lose many customers thanks to the T-Mobile G1 Phone, we already know that 1.5 million T-Mobile G1 Android phones have been pre-ordered and this will only rise.

Apple will have a pure battle on their hands to keep their customers, well this is what we believe anyway, personally what we know about the T-Mobile G1 Phone it is not as good as the Apple iPhone 3G, but then we could be wrong.

Ok so the Apple iPhone 3G is powered my Mac OS and the T-Mobile G1 Phone is powered by Android which no one really knows too much about, so it is only a matter of time before we really find out how good Android is.

Please let us know if you are An Apple iPhone 3G owner who is about to go and get the T-Mobile G1 Phone, and what do you think Apple will do next, what is up their sleeves to win back customer?

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7 thoughts on “Apple What Next? Bye iPhone 3G, Hello T-Mobile G1 Phone”

  1. iJah420 says:

    Big TIME software issues xross the board…

    Android WILL be a FAD.

    A geeks toy. Cool maybe for a geek, but the hardware looks well…..junky,

    ijah420 says iLove my iPhone 3G and the best is yet to come… a very solid indeed. it just works.

  2. It looks like T-Mobile is going to cap the heavy users with a 1GB monthly bandwidth of usage for the high speed access. That means a less congested network; once you weed out the “gotta watch YouTube any chance I get” crowd. I think the mostly for entertainment user will not like the limited access and reduced speed after 1GB. I feel that Joe Business man and Mary Sensible user will love the G1.
    Most users will love the G1 not because of its similarity with IPhone, but because of its difference. That difference is the Android software and Google itself. Everyone that knows Google knows that Google is pretty successful at its pursuits. Google and T-Mobile might reduce the IPhone to “red haired step-child” status, especially if android is adopted by other carriers. Plus, do your search…the G1 can be unlocked.
    Since IPhone opened everyone up to the idea of smartphones, T-Mobile doesn’t have to sell the market on smartphones, they just have to say they are better; most of the brush clearing has already been done by Apple. Dovetail that with the fact that no one has seriously challenged IPhone in the smart phone market and we might see a warm welcome for a Google/Android/T-Mobile contender (if 1.5 million orders to date is not enough to suggest that).

  3. THE MOBILE GOD says:

    Look CARL!! You need to be updated on something, the 1GB CAP has been removed, so there’s an unlimited cap now! Since you’re for Tmo Bro, I won’t tell you off for the mistake! One love and get your Tmobile G1 order in now if havent yet!! LOL. THIS IS THE GoD PHONE!! Iphone is the Jesus Phone, and as you should know that Jesus is the Son of GoD, by that statement you should get the point!! LOL.

  4. Bob says:

    This is horrible reporting. Firstly T-mobile has been unable to confirm 1.5 million pre-sales saying only that they are “robust.” Second how can you speculate that it is apple customers that are leaving for the G1? It couldn’t possibly be other customers from non tmobile carriers other than AT&T, or maybe it’s that T-mobile has horrible phones and that this excites current tmobile customers and so it has spurred current customers into pre ordering it.

    I’m not an apple fanboy but this is horrible conjecture and exceedingly biased reporting.

  5. Philip O. W says:

    I was a T-mobile customer for about a year and a half…I bought the T-mobile Wing when it first came out, enjoyed it for about a month; until I found out that the phone could not access the music from the 2 GB micro card for ring tones! I am now an AT&T customer, I bought the iPhone 16 GB. Did I mention that I just love my iPhone and the way it works? I would not give up my iPhone 16 GB, for the G1, not even if T-mobile was giving it to me for free! I’m sure that T-mobile customer are more concern about the lack of service they receive, rather then how the G1 match up to the iPhone, because there’s really no comparing the two!!! Service, Security, Speed, Style…Oh! Did I mention Apple??? Stop It!!!

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