BlackBerry Storm delayed at Verizon mid-November launch expected

Here’s the latest on Research In Motion’s Blackberry Storm and its destiny with the Verizon Wireless network. Apparently the BlackBerry Storm just entered technical acceptance with Verizon and that process usually takes around three to four weeks.

Furthermore the BlackBerry Storm has been delayed a further three to four weeks internally while they work on its kinks and bugs, and general polish up.

So, taking this into consideration Verizon Wireless is probably looking at about a mid-November launch. The guys at BGR have verified and confirmed this information so it’s pretty accurate.

Also, there is word that someone else, who is yet nameless, has increased their marketing budget for the Strom just to have a dig at Verizon for the delay on the BlackBerry Bold, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Source — BGR


3 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm delayed at Verizon mid-November launch expected”

  1. bob says:

    Are you really posting this today? Mid-November has been the expected release date for the last month. On top of that no official date has been given. You must be trying to drum up site traffic. This is not a delay its the actual release time table.

  2. Schmidty says:

    Actually, the proposed release date on most of the sites WAS Nov. 2nd Bob. So this information is helpful in the fact that it pushes things out a couple more weeks. Frustrating me even more because I hate my current phone and really want to upgrade asap.

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