T-Mobile G1 Android SIM Unlock Code: AT&T Users welcome

Now all of those that thought the T-Mobile G1 Android phone was totally locked can now breathe easy, the T-Mobile G1 Google Android-powered smartphone is exclusive to T-Mobile which meant that other network users may miss out.

Canadians and AT&T subscribers all wish to get on in the Android action, well now you can (Apparently). Many of you wish for the T-Mobile HTC G1 phone to be unlocked, so can you really unlock the T-Mobile G1 Android phone? Well yes is the big fat answer here.

Apparently T-Mobile has an official policy which means they are willing to provide you with a SIM Unlock code, the only downside is that you have been a T-Mobile customer for a minimum of 90 days; you can put a request in every 90 days. Now if you can get your hands on the new phone unlocked after it launches it leaves us and others with a major question, “If this phone can be used on other networks like Rogers, AT&T or Fido, what will the phone lack in?



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  1. will says:

    Hey fred I have the g1 also unlocked on at&t service and was wondering what the internet settings where to make thr internet work and mms work with at&t service..if u can help that would be great

  2. fred says:

    my settings are as follows
    proxy blank
    port blank
    password:CINGULAR1 must be in caps
    server blank
    mms proxy: blank
    mms port:80
    apn type blank

    everything seems to work except mms
    if anyone has any info on mms settings please let me know

  3. will says:

    hey thanks for the internet settings..that worked out perfect..now all we need to do is figure out the mms settings.. thats like one of the only reason i wanted this phone was to be able to send mms.. the phone is amazing for other things to..but i have a iphone that does all the other great things.. if anyone can help me and fred with mms that would be great…

  4. Rob says:

    I tried those settings and no good.
    However, I changed the mnc back to 410 and the edge symbol popped up and the internet is now working!!!!! Thank you!!

  5. Hey guys!

    I’m not sure how to get into the settings on the G1 to make the changes you mentioned, any help would be appreciated! Also, any idea what’s up with not being able to get on AT&T’s 3g network?


  6. will says:

    t-mobile and AT&T 3G work on two different frequencies.. So if u are like me and have the unlocked g1 we will won’t have 3G u fortunately.. Everything on my g1 works except MMS. I have been searching everywhere to figure how to fix it but no answer yet

  7. fred says:

    to get to the settings go into settings then wireless controls then mobile networks setting then access point names once inside press menu the add new apn
    thats it
    and i have not found a way to make the mms work yet i will let you guys know if i do

  8. fred says:

    here is an update to the settings this now will get incoming mms i have not been able to send one yet let me know if you have better luck also username was spelled wrong in last post its wap.cingulargprs.com also mnc may be 41 or 410 depending east or west coast

    name: AT&T
    proxy blank
    port blank
    password:CINGULAR1 must be in caps
    server blank
    mms proxy: wireless.cingular.com
    mms port:80
    apn type blank

  9. Will says:

    hey Fred thanks for the progress so far I get the mms message so far but it won’t download the picture. But closer we are getting so far though. I haven’t found anything new yet

  10. Fred says:

    i unlocked my sim with a small board that lays on top the sim the phone is still locked but works the
    same as unlocking it but there are places selling unlock codes now a few more days they will be everywhere

  11. Fred says:

    hey guys i have new settings that are fully working but this board wont let me post them says its a dup comment let me know somewhere i can post them for you guys

  12. Sam says:

    Okay so I’m set to buy the phone as soon as I get my next pay check — I’m just wondering about what to do with my at&t plan, is the plan that I have now, which is the one set for the iPhone okay or do I need to change something?

  13. Hasib says:

    I am planning to get 3 g1 phones on a family plan (1 to keep for myself, 2 to sell). since I will be using the tmobile g1 SIMs on some other unlocked phones, is this going to work? are the g1 SIMs specific to the phones and cannot be used on other phones?
    would appreciate any help. thanks.

  14. jose says:

    i got my g1 unlocked know… i set up the settings…know under what plan it has to be, So i wont be charge extra?? i got the medai max plan… or i have to change the plan?

  15. dan says:

    I bought the G1 and everything works perfectly except one problem:

    I don’t get incoming calls, does anyone know how to fix this?

    Outgoing calls are fine, internet, gmap works fine, just incoming doesn’t work. All calls go directly to voicemail.

    Please help

  16. lisa says:

    Hey Guys, i have the G1 and i took it to a store to be unlocked so i can use it with my at&t sim. However, i’m still not able to use it, the phone is asking for a setup with gmail and all but i have no idea what to do…can anyone help me?

  17. Ankit says:

    i am frm india…
    i have purchased a unlocked g1 phone
    and i am using an airtel simcard in mumbai.
    so can anyone please tell me the g1 settings for airtel in india.,,,like someone helped in AT&T
    bcoz m unable to get registered..!!

  18. shuyo c says:

    i want to buy a g1 already unlocked so i dont have to do the 90 day thing for t mobile.
    i was wondering if u guys know any reliable sites whaere i can get a unlocked G1

  19. pratik says:

    Hi ANKIT, Hi Gshyam

    I have unlocked G1 and want to run airtel sim card. I am not able to connect to google server. What is the setting for APN in G1 for airtel card?

  20. Tahir says:

    Hey people i got the google g1 and ive unlocked it to all netwroks, ive put my ORANGE sim card and have the full package but internet wont work on it?? any1 know y?? ive got 500mb of internet and i cant use it on the g1…let me know??

    im on orange contract 45 pounds a month

  21. jessica says:

    Hi i just got my g1 unlocked, and i put my o2 sim in,and it will not allow me to make a gmail account, can someone tell me why this is and how i over come it?


  22. Sunil Shrestha says:

    I have been using T mobile G 1 in nepal. I have reset it and now asking for connecting to google server. i have put my gmail address but cannot login. My sim is activated for Gprs but the sim is not T mobile sim …
    so how can i connect to google server with other sim……
    Is it possible to connect with othe sim .i.e nepal NTC sim

  23. Conner says:

    i want to buy my friends g1 android off of him and when i put in my sim it asks for an unlock code, so ur saying all she has to do is ask for the unlock code form t-mobile and they will give it to her?

  24. milly says:

    Hi i have a G1 and im trying to unlock it i have no services now and its telling me too many failed attempts with password actually t-mobile locked it after i complained to the BBB…so i do not have any services how can i unlock it i no my gmail info i forgot my unlock code the pattern is their any way you can help me i need to get all my info off the phone. Thanks a bunch.

  25. chloe trapnell says:

    hia.. i bought this phone over a month ago now. its the g1 google phone on t mobile and its unlocked to all networks.. so i put my orange simcard in it,, and everything is working ok,.. but the interent, bluetooth and mms doesnt work…
    please help..
    thanks chloe x

  26. Deanington says:

    I have An unlocked G1 i use it on O2 and cant get 3G…….. O2 dont support the handset thats why no-one is getting 3G on G1 O2…. unless anyone knows different?

  27. umang says:

    Hey out there please help me:-
    I have an iphone 3g and new ios 4.0 was available and i downloaded and restored from itunes and now it says that "THE SIM CARD INSERTED IN THIS IPHONE DOES NOT APPEAR TO BE SUPPORTED" now how can i use my iphone again please guys help me i need help from you all my iphone's :-IMEI:01 181000985407 5 and ICCID: 8997 7020 8094 1403 703 please i need your help desperately the iphone was of at&t company and i m using it in Nepal now please guys help me out my email id is umang_beckham@yahoo.com please i need help

  28. Jacob says:

    Hi everyone! I have a t-mobile g1 and i wanted to know if i could put my at&t sim card inside it…i did research on it and saw that i would have to pay 25 dollars to unlock it. I was wondering if maybe anyone could tell me their unlock code so i could see if it mite work. Please Help!!!! thankyou!!

  29. Hey! you can unlock your T-Mobile G1 for a very low price, and you can do it almost instantly, I recently unlocked my Verizon from http://mobileunlockingcode.com, they can unlock any T-Mobile G1, or I must say any GSM Phone, the ppl know what they are doing, and stang behind there product! as I needed a little help on how to enter the unlock code, and they provided live support, along video tutorial, as I this was my first time

  30. marquis says:

    i need help unlocking mi g1…i am a customer or at&t and it is isnt working for me…i called tmobile for an unlock code customer services and this did not work either…can someone help?

  31. sanchit says:

    hey,i have a g1 in india
    nd i dnt knw wat to fill in apn settings….i have a docomo connection..plz any1 can help…me dying without my phn…plz

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