T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Walkthrough Video Review

Now the T-Mobile G1 Android phone is something special and yes we are going to get one, if T-Mobile or other parties wish to send us one of these phones for a complete hands-on review then please do send now.

We have come across a stunning and ultra-clear video of this phone and this video is called “T-Mobile G1 Android Walkthrough”, the picture quality is fantastic where you can see the phone in all its glory.

I can see why 1.5-million of these phones have been pre-ordered, it looks hot, the way it all works is hot and of course the full QWERTY slider keypad beneath the screen is awesome, a little disappointed that it does not have a standard 3.5mm jack but hey cannot win everything. Anyway please watch the video below and then let us know what you think.



3 thoughts on “T-Mobile G1 Android Phone Walkthrough Video Review”

  1. THE MOBILE GOD says:

    BRO! who care about 3.5mm when you have bluetooth headphones technology which you can view at androidcommunity market place or the G1 store. Also, headphones comes with the device out of the box and looks very appealing… cheer up pal Thee GoD PhoNe has it ALL!! LOL, and whatever it doesnt have I’ll make!! Sweet Androd OS!! YEah, I’m creating so much app it’s ashame! lol.

  2. THE MOBILE GOD says:

    Paul… the guys in this video sucks!! They are Android Illiterate and i hope to GoD it ain’t you because you didnt even visit the Android Market or surf another page, nor dpwnloaded any apps, watched any videos by download the video app, just pathetic, but the view was rather pleaseing and the system runs smooth and it’s very quick and responsive on wifi because I did not see the 3g symbol. Anyhow, can’t wait to get mines… Iphone SUCKAZ!!! lol

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