Microsoft Silverlight Update: T-Mobile G1 Phone Yes, iPhone 3G No

This is a real pain in the neck because it would have been fantastic to see Silverlight on the Apple iPhone 3G, but sad to say this is not happening.

Microsoft said that they will not be putting Flash competitor Silverlight on the Apple iPhone 3G, but we say we may possibly see it on the T-Mobile G1 Phone. Microsoft is indeed keeping an eye on Google’s open-sourced Android platform and that Silverlight may possibly make it onto the G1.

The G1 is more of an open platform, now if sales are as good as the pre-orders that have come in for this phone we know it will be on the G1. We do think it is stupid not allowing the iPhone 3G to have it, but hey guess that is business. Microsoft has a deal with Nokia to run Silverlight on the Symbian OS.


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