What do you think of my tmobile home: any good?

So let’s take a look at the tmobile @Home service, let’s see if we can work out how good it is. The call rates sound real good, you get a Vtech cordless phone which gives clearer voice calls, and has a greater range than most cordless phones. There is also the Hiport Wireless router that takes two SIM cards and has two standard phone jacks.

A member over at Wireless Informatics Forum gave a review of the tmobile @Home service and was apparently quite pleased with it, stating the @Home deal is a steal at $10.00 per month, and changing to tmobile@Home is something every T-Mobile customer should consider.

Another is looking to change over to tmobile@Home and considers the $9.99 very inexpensive for unlimited home calling.

So I’d like to hear from any tmobile@Home users out there, to see if you are completely satisfied with this service from T-Mobile, or if there are any hidden catches for anything you don’t like.

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4 thoughts on “What do you think of my tmobile home: any good?”

  1. Jeff says:

    UMA (T-Mo@home) is AWESOME when you travel internaitonally. All calls in and out are as if you’re in the US!!

    Travel with a portable wireless router, and, your wired hotel room internet becomes a wireless room for UMA!

  2. Robin says:

    The home phone has a great rate, but my signal is constantly going ou(No blue light). So I cant make or receive calls for days at a time. What is up with that??

  3. Robin, can t-mobile do something to fix it. Does that happen frequently? Did you normally have your internet go in and out a lot before. Who is your wireless provider? Looking into getting it. Can’t beat it for $10, but want to make sure it works. Thanks.

  4. Tmobb says:

    The T-mobile @home service is wonderful. To answer Robins question you need to contact your internet provider (ISP) and delve into the issue. Do not tell them that you notice the inconsistencies in thier service due to a third party (@home) they will just point the finger at @home which is more than likely not the issue. After your internet service is fixed if there continues to be issues look to exchange your @home sim card then router if that fails. Good luck, and thanks for using consumer technology as it is meant. (to improve lives)

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