Google T-Mobile G1 joins iPhone with killer switch

It wasn’t that long ago there was huge press coverage regarding Apple and the iPhone remote kill switch, the switch which can disable application to protect the user from privacy violations or malicious applications. Now Google have stated that the android G1 also has a remote kill switch. We are sure this will fire another debate about the T-Mobile G1 as users ultimately want the control on what applications they keep in their devices.

However, we can’t knock Google for being so upfront and bold about the kill switch, they have also included information on how they will reimburse any user who has paid for an app that needs to be disabled.

Although it has been noted that it would be more beneficial for Android to have the kill switch as the G1 applications are not really vetted before they are live to download on the app store. Apple iPhone users had more reason to be upset as Apple did not come as clean about their killer switch and there is less reason why the iPhone should have one.

Source: gizmodo

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