O2 prepares for new business service

O2 will be announcing at the Mobile’s conference a new service that integrates fixed line service with a mobile that will be aimed at the business sector. The Mobile’s Conference will be held in Birmingham between October 30 and November 4.

Steve Pluta who is head of ‘solutions architects’ at O2 will be outlining the new ‘mobile extensions zones’ at the mobile’s conference on mobile convergence and IT.

The new O2 service which will launch in the first three months of next year that will provide businesses with the option of taking fixed-line services and pricing on to a mobile handset.

Jason Ellis, Orange’s head of data access will be speaking alongside Steve Pluta at the conference. They will also be joined by senior players at HTC, Vodafone, HP, Avenir, HP and market research firm GfK.

Source: mobiletoday