RIM brags about BlackBerry celebrities but spell wrong

Looks like Research In Motion has taken to the bragging trail and is beginning to shout out about the celebrities that use BlackBerry smartphones, and in doing so seem to have lost all modesty.

RIM ninja posted a PowerPoint presentation which displays images of celebrities the likes of Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Brad & Angelina, Michael Phelps, and John Mayer.

The lamest thing though is they even put a message with it saying…“In Australia, we have celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins and Jamie Jury using BB. Micheal Phelps got a message on his BB from the president after winning 8 gold medals at recent olympics!!!!”

Yeah I can see how a company is proud to have celebrities use their stuff, but one would think that if they are going to show the odds about it the least they could do is get their own photos and not the standard paparazzi ones, and maybe learn to spell Michael, and was it really necessary for 3 exclamation marks? And Olympics needs capitalizing, kind of amateurish wouldn’t you agree.

Source — BGR


4 thoughts on “RIM brags about BlackBerry celebrities but spell wrong”

  1. Gary Anthony says:

    You may mind that in Australia we don’t care to much about spelling and we defiantly don’t give two hoots about Michael Phelps. 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    You may mind that in London we don’t give two hoots about what you have to say Gary… and please, its so obvious that you dislike Michael Phelps because he’s established himself as the world’s greatest swimmer/ athelete/ olympian that ever walked on the planet… oh and also because Phelps kicked your precious Ian Thorpe’s butt.

  3. Gary Anthony says:

    If you didn’t give two hoots about what I have to say why reply 🙂 Anyway I realize I have posted a silly comment that obviously may offend some people so I apologize to everyone who has to read it.