BlackBerry Storm, iPhone, Nokia 5800, G1 smart buys?

In the mobile market today just say the word ‘smartphone’ and you will have everyone’s attention, gone are the days of a mobile being just a mobile, with companies like Research in Motion (RIM) Nokia, Apple and even Google getting in on the act we are set to see the smartphone go to the next level.

So if you are looking to watch the latest YouTube Video on the Google G1, change a word document on you BlackBerry Storm, downloads free music with your Nokia 5800 or simply go crazy in the Apple iPhone app store — you are sure to be amazed how advanced the mobile market has become.

With new smartphones being launched around the world with companies such as Palm with the launch of its Palm Treo, LG launched recently its Renoir smartphone and a host of other mobile companies are working on the huge phenomenon that is the smartphone.

It does beg the question if Apple, RIM, Nokia and Google all put their best bits together what kind of super smartphone could they create? What do you think are the best and worse bit of your smartphone?


One thought on “BlackBerry Storm, iPhone, Nokia 5800, G1 smart buys?”

  1. Brian says:

    Put them all together and you probably have a Samsung Omnia i900. When wioll this phone hit Canada?? Anybody know?