DVB-H may become standard mobile TV format by 2011

The whisper is analysts predict that DVB-H will end up as mobile broadcastings standard by the end of this decade. Analyst house Frost and Sullivan predict that by 2011 DVB-H mobile TV market revenues will hit €6.8 billion.

This is based on operators charging between €7 and €12 a month in addition for DVB-H functionality come 2010. Furthermore the analysts believe DVB-H will take off in 2008 and leave the old video streaming and clip downloading formats to be used only as sales channels and promotional content.

O2 and Nokia are already in trials with DVB-H tech for offering mobile TV in the Oxford area.

Source — silicon


2 thoughts on “DVB-H may become standard mobile TV format by 2011”

  1. Tony Orwin says:

    I am continually amzed to see the Cellular community predicting that DVB-H will be the Mobile TV format of the Future – in the face of the roll out of T-DMB Trials, Pilots and Services around the globe on existing, cost effective DAB (Eureka 147 based) infrastructure and mature technologies.

    Further, as the spectrum is already available – and there is a huge proliferation of Handsets, Receivers, PMPs etc from equiped for T-DMB -multiple manufacturers, how long will it take for the Global reality to work its way through?

  2. John K says:

    Dont forget MediaFLO as this has been getting momentum lately and may have better technology and output compare to others