Motorola Google Android Smartphone may not debut till 2nd qtr 2009

Now the T-Mobile HTC G1 Android platform G1 smartphone which is coming on October 22 and in the UK on the 30th October is the phone of all phones at the moment, well now there is the all new and coming soon Motorola smartphone which will have the Android platform.

The world of social-network-friendly handsets is what it all about and the more you can interact with a smartphone the better in our eyes, we all thought that it was only going to be the T-Mobile HTC G1 phone getting the Google Android treatment, well we all thought wrong because Motorola are coming aboard. Motorola as we speak are preparing its very own Android Social Smartphone.

The only downside is that the all new entry will not debut till 2nd qtr 2009, Motorola (MOT) engineers are on the ball right now getting it all ready, the new Motorola Android based phone will have the iPhone-like touchscreen and even a slideout QWERTY keyboard plus many new social-network-friendly features.

With the Motorola stock hitting a low at one point seems to be making a comeback, on Oct. 17 Motorola’s stock rose a penny to 5.62, is hovering near a 16-year low, the reason we say a comeback is all down to the new Android based Motorola smartphone, we can see the company making a mint over the next year or so. Read the full article over on Business Week, please comeback and post your comments.

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