Rumour: Samsung Google Smartphone, the real copycats are?

We want to know who the real copycats are, now we know for sure you have heard of the T-Mobile G1 with Google is releasing this month and that you cannot stop talking about it, but this is very interesting what we have found.

Over on HTLounge.com we found something well worth a little read, all the rumours that were flying around about the G1 Google phone is real and we all know that now, but if you look back to 2007 there was the Samsung Google Smartphone which is pictured above, it has HTC Dream G1 written all over it.

Google seems to be getting around, like for example makings its way to Motorola and of course many other companies sooner than we think, the picture above is of a Samsung phone in Korea, pretty similar to the G1 would you say? Even before we heard about the new T-Mobile G1 there was the Samsung Google Smartphone Concept, the question has to be “Who are the copycats?