Video: Wavelog Blogging client for S60 mobile phones available

Developed for S60 mobile phones, Wavelog is a blogging client app, and has been tested on the Nokia N95. Wavelog uses XML-RPC protocol for communication with blog publishing systems that support either MovableType API or Blogger API.

The Wavelog app has been tested with WordPress v2.3.1 and higher, Drupal v5.6, Blogger, and Joomla v1.5.

Simply put, Wavelog is a blogging client that lets the user post video, images, text, and audio to the websites mentioned above. The user can also upload photos to Picasa, videos to YouTube and embed them into your blog posts.

Below there is a video recorded using a Nokia N95 and posted directly using the Wavelog mobile blogging client.

Source — telewaving