Hot T-Mobile G2 Pictures: G1 Android Successor

You have got to take a look at the all new T-Mobile Google Android G2 (GII) Phone; yes the G2 is the G1 successor that should be taken seriously, even more than the G1.

Ok these pictures do look great but they are mockups, these photos have indeed been photo shopped. Nether the less they do look good, The T-Mobile G1 which comes out is the States on the 22nd October and 30th in the UK has already got many of you talking, and now all of a sudden we have talks of the G2.

New mockups of the next-gen Google Android smartphone from T-Mobile is already happening as you can see here, the successor no doubt will be called the T-Mobile G2 if logic comes into it. What we like in the picture is the information, it says GII, Less dead space, Smaller chin, Flush, tilting screen with twice the resolution, Tabbed Java V8 browsing with ChroMo and Interactive High-resolution widgets. Then it finishes with The T-Mobile G2 More Space… more unique.



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  1. TareX says:

    deadlite, the G2 is not real… YET. These are concept photos. However, regarding the touchscreen keyboard, the G1 will be getting one within the next 2 months. An image of the keyboard has already been leaked.

  2. neil says:

    get rid of all ideas for the g2… and just make the g2 one giant battery because the g1 fails. using it to its full potential will kill the phone in less than 6 hours i have one

  3. mike says:

    the g2 is coming out in april and in january 09 a new update for the g1 is being released
    i agree who ever bought a g1 has been cheated out of their money

  4. redsatyr says:

    Cheated out of your money, perhaps. But, those who buy the first of anything are buying the trial versions. Then, once things are worked out, almost always a newer and better replacement comes out. Your money is spent to benefit those who can wait, sucks for you, but nice for us.

  5. TareX says:

    RELAX guys. I made this mock-up G2. The real G2 photo has been leaked and it looks worse that the G1, has no keyboard, no headphone jack, and on the inside carries the same specs.

    So relax….

  6. Lee-mobile says:

    waste man, the g1 is a gr8 phone, what cant it do?(other than hold its charge & and send an recieve files through bluetooth & make a video or take a pic at night)but most those things you can or soon will be able to download applications for to better it. i feel the g1 would be more convenient for some who wants to use it for its intended use, if you are the keeping up with the jonesys type, then yeh the g2 is right for you, kinda like a blackberry storm, ask any true business man who has a blackberry storm but use to have a curve what one he prefers, in my opinion it is with out a doubt the curve as if you want to reply to a very important email it is much easier to use therefor giving you a faster response time. yes owners of the g1 are test drivers, but you are ahead of time, the android markets going to BIG,HUGE infact, T-mobile just need to ignore the recession and invest more on ther adverts, yes the liverpool st. dancing one is good to watch, but what are they advertising?anyway thats another story, i think they should hype the g2 atleast 2 weeks before release date and release it all at once over hear and the u.s on the same day.

    Hope by reading this You feel Better G1 owners
    You are the Jonesy’s of Mobile Phones.

  7. Tiffany says:

    I’m Pissed¡!! I paid 400 freaking dollars!!!! Now they come out with a damn GII SMFH the coulda at least waited til 2010 when I get another upgrade…I guess I’ll sell this one and buy the new one when it comes out

  8. lee-mobile says:

    Na man g1 is more convenient, full qwerty keyboard, thats the way foward in mobiles, trust me man you go to full touchscreen you will reget it,
    believe me,,

  9. austin says:

    woww are u freakin kidding me? thats it? what changes have they made other than making the screen bigger and prob a few adjustments technically? i think if u have a g1 you shouldnt spend another god knows how much money to get the same exact thing.

  10. I have the g2 phone because my aunt works for t­mobile and for tare­x it is real so put your words stuffed in your mouth because you do not know about phones cause I have one haha haha.

  11. i have the t-mobile g1 i live in th uk and i am anoyed that there is another g1 but g2 coming out and i have only brought thins phone 2 months ago and noww theres anyonther one any 1 think its too soon for it to come out ? ?

  12. I really want to get a G1 but I’m not sure if the keyboard’s as good as it could be for everyday use as I’ve heard the feedback on the keys isn’t fantastic.

    I saw a G2 was due out, but I’m not interested if it’s touchscreen only. I love the fact the G1 has a keyboard and that it’s got bigger and better-spaced-out keys than the Blackberry Bold.

    I don’t mind a mobile being a bit clunky if it’s a kick-ass piece of kit like the G1. Would be nice if it did video recording though – would that be possible with an application/firmware update? Thanks.

  13. Az Squil says:

    I have a g1 and i love it. the battery life should be better but if its such a problem you can buy better ones on the net. The new firmware update has video record and an on screen keyboard. The market is great. The screen is great. The camera is good but not great. Overall 4.7* out of 5*

  14. Rodney says:

    The system image includes these built-in applications:

    Alarm Clock
    Custom Locale (developer app)
    Dev Tools (developer app)
    Spare Parts (developer app)

    *andriod 1.5 sdk

  15. Rob Clark says:

    I’ve had the G2 since Monday and I loathe it!

    It’s nice to hold with a good screen, lots of fun gadgets and plenty of free downloadable apps. The web browser is pretty good too and works with most Flash content, but has some infuriating faults too. If you’re an avid social networker then the phone constantly syncs with sites like Facebook and integrates the sites with your contact list. Sound quality on the mp3 player is excellent and the g2 allows you to use your own 3.5mm jack headphones or stereo Bluetooth headset.

    The SatNav is good and about the best feature as it also works with photo geotagging and also with various astronomy apps. But I wouldn’t buy the phoine for this alone.

    But I still loathe it. The G2 designers forgot that it’s a phone: there’s no voice dialling despite being assured that it was present when ordering the phone, the display cuts out immediately when an outgoing call connects, the onscreen touchpad is tiny, inaccurate and incredibly annoying as I can’t even use a stylus on it’s capacitive screen when composing texts. texts longer than 160 characters long automatically (and sneakily) get converted to MMS messages so if you want to forward an incoming joke to a lot of people be prepared for a big bill. T-Mobile confirmed this feature is built in to the phone and cannot be changed, “three SMS messages will cost you more than one MMS” they told me, but forgot that my plan has unlimited SMS… On top of these basic gripes the maximum earpiece volume level is poor if you need to make a call in a busy area and the battery life is very poor especially if you’re travelling in an area where the phone is constantly switching between cell masts.

    Not important to me but the video camera is atrocious and the camera lacks a flash and autofocus takes ages in all but very bright light. The 5MP camera takes far worse pictures than my five year old 2.1MP camera, clearly HTC spent zilch on the image processing chipset.

    Other niggles include silly things; there is a built in HTC app listed in the app manager called “Ringtone Trimmer”, it’s there so that I can trim mp3’s to make my perfect ringtones. It’s just a shame that there is no means at all of actually accessing this piece of software from any of the menus (confirmed by both HTC and T-Mobile a few minutes ago, neither companies techie-geeks know why it’s inaccessible).

    In summary, it’s a great gadget with lots of flashy toys, and will impress the hell out of anyone fiddling around with it but ultimately it’s an infuriatingly frustrating tool to use if you actually want to make phone calls and send texts.

    I’ve just called T-Mobile to get the bloody thing collected as it is “unfit for purpose”.

  16. Andrew Bell says:


    Just to update people the G2 could be a great phone. However, T-mobile are failing to release the upgraded ROM which has been available on the official HTC Hero handset and Orange handset for nearly a month. The ROM it self helps with lag issues on the phone and various otherthings aswell. Avoid T-mobile like the plague if you really want this handset!

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