Can T-Mobile G1 Android Phone outperform Apple iPhone 3G

I had a read of a an article posted by one of my colleagues here at Phones Review, on just how well the Apple iPhone is doing financially, see (here) Well, I’m not a figures man myself but I can recognise when a product such as the Apple iPhone 3G is doing well, and those sales figures do speak for themselves.

So this got me to thinking, could the new Google Android T-Mobile G1 actually do just as well, or even outperform the Apple iPhone 3G?

I look back to when the Apple iPhone 3G was released, and the whole day was virtually all Apple iPhone 3G hoo-ha, virtually everything over the internet mobile world was about the iPhone 3G. I can’t however see the same effect from the Google Android T-Mobile G1.

Is it out yet? One wouldn’t think so beings the mobile world seems to be so quiet about this all new Google backed superphone. I believe in this game it’s all about who can promote the loudest, and Apple has that down to a tee.

So personally I can’t see the T-Mobile G1 getting anywhere near the sales figures or popularity of the now famous Apple iPhone 3G, can you?

Can T-Mobile G1 Android Phone outperform Apple iPhone 3G?

Let me know your views.