HTC T-Mobile Android G1 protection with Clear Armor

Ok, so you have your nice new Google Android HTC T-Mobile G1 handset at last; it looks all new and shiny, and you want to protect your G1 but don’t wish to hide its nice new looks as you really want to show it off.

In steps Case-mate with their Clear Armor for HTC G1, which brings invisible protection to the HTC T-Mobile G1. Clear Armor was originally created to protect Apache helicopter blades from sand damage during Desert Storm, so you can imagine just how resilient this is.

Installing the Clear Armor on your HTC T-Mobile G1 is real easy; all you do is remove the clear film from the backing, spray with the provided solution, position on your G1, and smooth out any air pockets and let it dry, job done, and all this military style protection for just $19.99.

Source – Case-mate


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