T-Mobile G1, Apple iPhone and BlackBerry gain AttorneyPages lawyer search

Finding an attorney has never been simpler now that Advice Company has announced the launch of a new mobile phone interface which helps people find a lawyer. The new interface, AttorneyPages technology works on the new Google Android HTC T-Mobile G1 phone, the Apple iPhone and BlackBerry.

Now if an iPhoner, G1-er, or BlackBerry-er is in need of a lawyer’s service all they need to do is point their mobile phone browser towards http://attorneypages.com, key in their zip code and area in which they require an attorney and a list of qualified lawyers will pop up on their screen.

CEO of Advice Company, Steven Lurie, believes the trend of customers using mobile services will continue, particularly with the likes of the Apple iPhone and the new T-Mobile G1.

Source — marketwatch