T-Mobile Google G1 phone launch: frenzy or flop?

I can see them now, thousands of people queuing waiting for the long anticipated T-Mobile Google G1, am I dreaming? Well, yes as it really was not like that yesterday, they were not flocking in their thousands to get their hands on the Google G1, like the Apple iPhone fans did, in-fact there was no more than 20 people standing outside any shop and in some staff didn’t even have customers on opening, We wonder how many of you actually went to get a Google G1, did you?

Ok, in Google G1’s defense they did have a huge amount of people who had pre-ordered the android device, whereas Apple did not give their customers the chance to pre-order the iPhone. What a fantastic bit of marketing, with tabloids everywhere showing people outside the Apple Store, some for several days so they could be first in-line for the precious iPhone, causing complete iPhone frenzy.

We wonder which of the smartphones will shine over the Christmas period and indeed Q4. Will the iPhone remain the king? Or will the Google G1 take the crown? one thing is for sure it’s going to be a extremely competitive race with the BlackBerry Storm, the Nokia 5800, the Palm Treo and a few other competitors like the HP iPAQ data messenger all adding to the smartphone market.

We believe that 2009 is going to be a very exciting year for the smartphone market. With market leaders such as Research in Motion (RIM), Nokia and Apple all fighting for the top spot, we wonder what smartphone our readers think will be crowd king of the smartphones?

Source: macworld

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