Are smartphones set to replace the PC?

Figures from a recent survey show that over 50 percent of desktop computer users would change from their PC to the smartphone for their internet usage. This illustrates just how well the mobile world is fulfilling its promise for next generation computing, according to the IBM survey which polled six hundred users in the UK, US and China.

Mobile handset internet connection is growing and expected to continue to grow to a staggering 5.8 billion by the year 2013, and this important message has sunk in with the mobile manufacturers and wireless carriers who all continually attempt to outdo each other with their latest superphone.

With mobile devices its all about the instant messaging, the latest news and the social networking, but some tasks still remain with the PC, such as online banking, stock trading, and such.

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One thought on “Are smartphones set to replace the PC?”

  1. I can see Smartphones taking over many of the roles of a PC – email, chat, social networking, general browsing – but even the best smartphones aren’t cut out to write long documents, do graphic work, or play DVDs, or anything else that needs a big screen and keyboard. I see it more a case of the smartphone and PC being extensions of each other, so the smartphone acts as your PC when on the move, with smart synching and the like.

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